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Our affordable health programs allow you to direct your own health care and visit almost any doctor or hospital you like. The insurance company then pays a set portion of your total charges.


Our supplemental benefits can help with unexpected out-of-pocket medical expenses for you and your family in the event of a serious accident or illness.


We offer a choice of HMO or PPO dental plans. Our dental plans provide flexible options that balance low costs and having the freedom to choose your own dentist.

We're Unique

It's easy to choose our healthcare plans when they all include…

Zero Medical Restrictions

Services will never be denied due to any pre-existing conditions.

Cost Never Increases

Your rates never increase no matter how often benefits are used.

Choice of Benefits

We are confident you will find a plan that meets your heath care needs.

Everyone is Accepted

Our plans and services are available to all US residents that enroll.

Multilingual Support

Support and Member Services are offered in 5 different languages.

24/7 Online Access

Anytime online access to your personalized membership plan website.

Product Spotlight

We don't mean to brag, but customers love our products!

The CallMD® Advantage

What makes CallMD® a Member favorite?

My daughter got an ear infection right before our family vacation. We were able to talk to a doctor and get a prescription over the phone that afternoon. Our trip was saved thanks to CallMD®.

Robin E. from San Diego, CA

Patient Advocacy Services

Fighting to lower costs on your behalf.

PAC alleviated all of my stress. Thank you for being so understanding and negotiating for me. I can't begin to tell you how saving me $47,327.58 off my hospital bill changed my life.

Sam H. from Grand Rapids, MI

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